Hi. My name is Anne and I made these collages. I cut them by hand (scissors & x-acto knife) from magazines (mostly old National Geographics found at Goodwill) and books (random pages found at a junk shop, art books & books for kids). Some words are from magazines, but the typewritten scripts are snipped from a play I found in the garbage in the basement of a high school… which I think is probably haunted.

Would you like to use my collages? If for commercial reasons, please ask me first. If for non-commercial reasons, please give me credit & maybe link to this website.

I realize, fully, that the above is an ironic request since I made my collages using images made by other people… but that’s how collage art works! So far, I’ve been cutting and pasting in ecstatic frenzy, but from now on will be making a better effort to attribute the source images. If you recognize something that I have not attributed to its original creator, please let me know!

If you’d like to say hi, here’s a high-tech way to do that:



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