BuzzterFuge #441

This is meant to depict the dizzying dissonance between oppression, abuse & inequality and the exquisitely stable and eternal potential of the human race. Just on the other side of willful ignorance is a sturdy compassion that would be our species’ default if it weren’t for fear (and psychopathic presidents/police.) <~..~> <Background from Dwellings magazine,Continue reading “BuzzterFuge #441”

BuzzterFuge #439

Let’s pretend our (in)actions don’t impact others… then it’ll all just disappear, right?! Keep pretending and covid; systemic racism; institutionalized white supremacy; psychopaths with badges & immunity, and the unions that defend them; the marginalization and murders of LGBTQIA+ people & BIPOC; the cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants/kids in cages & families broken; aContinue reading “BuzzterFuge #439”

BuzzterFuge #430

<Foreground from National Geographic book about ferns, top background is Van Gogh’s Landscape at twilight, bottom background is Édouard Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe>

BuzzterFuge #421

In this short life that only lasts an hour, how much – how little – is within our power. ~Emily Dickinson <~..~> <Background from Invisible Worlds by Piers Bizony, bamboo structure from The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson, woman from Barron’s Essential Atlas of Anatomy>

BuzzterFuge #420

Pull your senses into the heart and find it expands and is naturally grateful. Gratitude doesn’t need to be activated or conjured. It’s the natural state. And once you’re inside the heart, you find nothing is outside of it. Everything is inside it. ~Paraphrasing my therapist <~..~> <Sculpture from National Geographic (artist unknown), heart &Continue reading “BuzzterFuge #420”

BuzzterFuge #408

<Dancers from Dance II by Henri Matisse, flowers from National Geographic, background from Universe by Heather Couper>

BuzzterFuge #404

I’m glad I dragged my ass to the theater tonight even though the show was really corny. <Background from a Korean magazine my Mom brought back from Seoul, corn from a magazine I can’t remember & rest from National Geographic.>

BuzzterFuge #396

Within you is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can escape at any time. ~Herman Hess ~ <Super slug from National Geographic, painter from {tbd; can’t figure it out}, background from a Korean magazine my Mom brought back from Seoul>

BuzzterFuge #381

Fear collapses the imagination. <Shoebill stork & house from National Geographic, roses from Time Life book.>

BuzzterFuge #346

Urban planning / Crushed <Images from National Geographic, except for alpine scene from “The Best Book of Volcanoes”>  

BuzzterFuge #190

Dino snooze. <Sky & snoozers from National Geographic, dino from kids’ book.>

BuzzterFuge #185

Protecting artisanal ricotta cheese secrets. <Nona & nature background from old National Geographic magazine, building from Architectural Digest.>

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